Basic School Management System With Website & App

Basic School Management System - is a Modern, simple and easy-to-use school management system which is developed by PHP Codeigniter & Latest Bootstrap Framework. This system allows you to manage your School With Frontend Website.

Basic School Management System - – has an easy Admin(Director) and Teacher Dashboard pages that gives you Full Control to Manage Students, Staff, Users, Parents, Classes, Subjects, Academic Years, Marks, Incomes, Expenses and much more..  


  1. Manage Students, Teachers, Staff, Parents and Users
  2. Manage Academic Year, Sections, Classes, Class Rooms, Subjects, Incomes, Expenses, HR
  3. Manage Timetable, Attendance, Marks, Events, Library and Transport
  4. Reports – Students, Teachers, Parents, Staff, Users, Products, Incomes & Expenses, Students & Staff Attendance, Visitors Log, Phone Call Log, Student Records, Class Lists, Events
  5. User Access Role

                Admin Dashboard Page includes

  1. Manage Section
  2. Manage Student
  3. Manage Parents
  4. Manage Class
  5. Manage Subject
  6. Academic Section
  7. Academic Year
  8. Promote Students
  9. Strand
  10. Section
  11. Class Room
  12. Income Section
  13. Manage Income
  14. Income Head
  15. Expense Section
  16. Manage Expense
  17. Expense Head
  18. Human Resource Section
  19. Designation
  20. Department
  21. Manage Staff
  22. Timetable Section
  23. Manage Timetable
  24. Timetable List
  25. Attendance Section
  26. Student Attendance
  27. Staff Attendance
  28. Records Section
  29. Visitors Log
  30. Phone Call Log
  31. Student Record
  32. Class List
  33. Archive
  34. Events Section
  35. Event Type
  36. Events
  37. Events Archive
  38. Marks
  39. Library
  40. Transport Section
  41. Routes
  42. Vehicles
  43. Assign Vehicle
  44. Settings Section
  45. Users
  46. Roles
  47. School
  48. Account
  49. Appearance

               Teacher Dashboard Page includes

  1. Manage Section
  2. Manage Student
  3. Manage Parents
  4. Manage Class
  5. Timetable
  6. Attendance
  7. Records Section
  8. Visitors Log
  9. Phone Call Log
  10. Student Record
  11. Class List
  12. Archive
  13. Marks
  14. Library
  15. Events Section
  16. Event Type
  17. Events
  18. Events Archive
  19. Settings Section
  20. Account
  21. Appearance


  1. Students Report
  2. Parents Report
  3. Incomes Report
  4. ExpensesReport
  5. Staff Report(Includes Teachers, Librarians, etc.)
  6. Students Attendance Report
  7. Staff Attndance Report
  8. Visitors Report
  9. Phone Call Report
  10. Student Records
  11. Class List Report
  12. Events Report

              Students Promotion System

  1. You can promote the specific student or the whole class
  2. Promote students in next academic session
  3. Promote/move student to another class or section



– Director Dashboard Page includes information about

- Total Students, Total Teachers, Total Classes, Total Parents Statistic

- Current Academic Year

- Daily Student & Staff Attendance

- Incomes & Expenses Visual Charts

- Teacher Dashboard Page includes information about

- Last 5 Days Student Attendance Visual Chart

- Students quantity Pie Chart

- Daily Lectures List for teachers

- Coming Events Table

- Total Students, Total Teachers, Total Classes, Total Parents Statistic

- Current Academic Year

- Daily Student & Staff Attendance


  • - Step By Step Process To Start Working With Us : 
  1. First of all we need to understand your full requirements. To Tell us your requirement, you can simply contact us using live chat option/WhatsApp: +9779814581248 or Contact details which are given below.
  2. After understanding your requirement, we will give you an quotation within 24 hours in your email where we will tell you if your requirement need some extra customization & how we can work together. 
  3. After confirmation from your side, we will book domain name, hosting and do agreement (if needed) to start your work. To start your work, we need some advanced amount from your side, which is 40% of total price.
  4. After advanced payment is received we will confirm you about it and will start your work,
  5. After that, you need to provide us your School name, logo,Contact number, teacher's details, about your school, Class Room Details, each and every detail that you want to display in your website & App.
  6. After then you can just relax. We will do all the rest things that you needed.
  7. We will provide you an working Basic School Management System website & App within 7 days of advanced payment received.
  8. If you are located in kathmandu, we will meet and show you about how to use admin panel to control your website. If you are outside from Nepal or Kathmandu Valley, We can do virtual meeting where we will give you full training about how to use your admin panel. Also we will provide you an free User Manual.
  9. We will give you 7 days to test each and everything in your website. If any bugs are found, you can inform us and we will solve that as soon as possible.
  10. After your approval, you can pay us your remaining 60% amount and we will handover you an complete project.
  11. If you got stucked anywhere, just inform us. We will immediately help you to solve any kind of problems.
  12. That's it. Welcome to Digital World.


Payment Terms:

Total Cost: Rs.12,000 / USD 100 / INR 8,000 (Slightly Negotiable Too)

Advanced Payment: Rs. 5,000 / USD 50 / INR 5000 ( After Agreement is done and before starting work).

Remaining Payment : Rs. 7,000 / USD 50 / INR 3000( Within 7 days of work completion).

Renew Cost: Rs. 4,000 / USD 40 / INR 3000 Per Year.

Note: Above amount is inclusive of VAT.


What You Will Get?

  1. Dynamic Frontend CMS Website
  2. Full Control Admin Panel
  3. Android Web-View Mobile App
  4. 1 Year Free Unlimited Hosting + Domain
  5. Free User Manual & On Site Training To Staff


Payment Method: 

For Nepal: Bank Deposit/ Khalti/E-sewa/Bank Deposit/IME. 

For India: Western Union / Paypal/ Paytm / Phonepe/ Bank Deposit.

For Other Countries: Any Payment gateway that is available.

(Note: If you are in doubt about payment fraud which is done by many people's over internet, we will send you our personal & company official registration certificate.)


Frontend Website:  

Login :


(Teacher,Student,Parent,Librarian,Accountant & Admin/Principal Panel Credentials are given in specific link. You can directly log in)

For User Manual About How To Use This Software:

Contact Details:


E-Mail: [email protected] , [email protected]

WhatsApp/Viber: +9779814581248

Personal Facebook Account:

Facebook Page:

Payment Info: Payment info will be given after our conversation.

Contact Number: +9779814581248 / +9779868296823

Company Registration Number: 265747/078/079

VAT No: 610034163

Address: Khusibu, Kathmandu, Nepal.

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