Advanced Multi Vendor Ecommerce Website With App

Introducing KC Tech Private Limited's Advanced Ecommerce Website & App Package – your comprehensive solution for taking your online business to the next level. Whether you're a startup or an established business, our package provides you with everything you need to succeed in the competitive ecommerce landscape. Below are the details of what our package includes:

**Package Includes:**

1. **Free Domain and Hosting:** Get a free domain for your company for one year along with unlimited storage web hosting for seamless performance.

2. **PHP Laravel Website:** Your ecommerce website will be built using PHP Laravel, ensuring robustness, scalability, and security.

3. **Flutter App Development:** We provide Android apps for customers, vendors, and delivery personnel, all built using Flutter technology. If you require an iOS app, an additional fee for the iOS Developer Account applies.

4. **Google Play Store Upload:** We upload your Android app to the Google Play Store using our developer account. If you prefer to use your own developer account, an extra fee is applicable.

5. **User Manual & Training:** Receive a free user manual and training to help you navigate and manage your ecommerce platform effectively.

6. **Free SEO:** Benefit from free search engine optimization (SEO) to improve your website's visibility and attract more organic traffic.

7. **Free Logo Design:** If required, we offer free logo designing services to enhance your brand identity and recognition.

8. **24/7 Live Support:** Our dedicated support team is available round-the-clock to assist you with any queries, issues, or updates you may have.

9. **100% Uptime Guarantee:** We ensure 100% uptime for your website, providing a reliable and consistent online shopping experience for your customers.

10. **Unlimited Storage, Web-Mail, Bandwidth:** Enjoy unlimited storage, web-mail, and bandwidth to accommodate your growing business needs without any limitations.

11. **Readymade Platform:** Benefit from a ready-to-launch ecommerce platform that saves you time and effort in development.

**Package Excludes:**

1. **Design & Feature Customization:** While our package offers a readymade platform, customization of design and features is excluded.

2. **Product & Category Upload:** You'll be responsible for uploading your products and categories to the website.

Website Features:

  • Most of the Task Ajax based
  • Gift Cart
  • Guest Checkout
  • Physical Product
  • Home Page Builder
  • Unlimited Email Template Creation
  • Single product Multiple Seller (Like Amazon)
  • Dynamic Slider
  • Multi Langual
  • Multi Currency
  • Order Management
  • Brands
  • Verified Reviews
  • Product Deals
  • New User Zone
  • Trusted Seller
  • Wishlist
  • Dynamic Coupon
  • Guest Checkout
  • Multi Level Category
  • Category wise comission Setup like Daraz
  • Product Rating
  • Product Gallery with Zoom
  • Social Login
  • Google Recaptcha
  • Newsletter
  • Product Attribute
  • Strong Security
  • Product Compare
  • Quick Buy
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Quick Find seller shop
  • Seller url SEO friendly

Additional Features

KC Tech Private Limited's Advanced Ecommerce Website & App Package offers powerful features designed to enhance your online business. Here's a concise overview of the key features:

**Frontend Features:**
- AJAX-based tasks for smooth performance
- Gift cart functionality
- Guest checkout for convenience
- Support for physical products
- Home page builder for customization
- Unlimited email template creation
- Single product multiple seller capability
- Dynamic slider for visual appeal
- Multi-lingual and multi-currency support
- Comprehensive order management
- Brand management
- Verified reviews and ratings
- Product deals and promotions
- New user zone and trusted seller indicators
- Wishlist for customer convenience
- Dynamic coupon system
- Social login and Google reCAPTCHA for security
- Newsletter subscription
- Product attributes and variations
- Strong security measures
- Product comparison feature
- Quick buy option
- Integration with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel
- Social sharing options
- Product videos and image galleries
- Responsive design for all devices
- Easy single/multi-vendor setup
- Multiple shipping and tax options
- SEO optimization for improved visibility
- Built-in order tracking and management tools
- Integration with Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces
- Translation tool for easy language localization
- Beautiful, ready-to-use themes
- Customizable color schemes
- Dynamic top bar with various options
- Clone product functionality
- In-house order management
- Local pickup options
- SEO-friendly URL structure
- Bootstrap 4 framework and clean code design

**Admin Features:**
- Rich text editor and media management tools
- Transaction history and advanced reporting system
- Tax/VAT configuration
- Mail system and maintenance mode
- Custom CSS/JS support
- Role-based permission system
- Dashboard with comprehensive analytics and reporting
- Module management for easy customization
- Payment gateway integration
- Language, currency, and location setup
- Shipping method and tax configuration
- Accounts and financial management tools
- Support ticket system and activity logs
- Human resource management features
- Sidebar manager for easy navigation customization

**Seller Features:**
- Shipping and payment configuration options
- Order and product management tools
- Review management and rating system
- Wallet recharge history and financial reports
- Top seller and customer insights
- Easy product stock and sales tracking
- Refund and dispute resolution tools

Module List with Features

Here's a rewritten version of the module list with features:

**Dashboard Modules:**
1. Total Products: Displays the number of products in the store.
2. Total Sellers: Shows the total number of sellers on the platform.
3. Total Customers: Indicates the total number of registered customers.
4. Category-wise Product Quantity: Breakdown of products per category.
5. Category-wise Product Sale: Sales data categorized by product categories.
6. Total Sale: Summarizes the total sales made.
7. Today's Visitors: Tracks the number of visitors for the day.
8. Top 10 Product List: Highlights the top-selling products.
9. Top 10 Seller List: Lists the top-performing sellers.
10. Total Reviews - Card: Provides an overview of total product reviews.
11. Today's Revenue: Shows the revenue generated for the day.
12. New Customer: Displays new customer registrations.
13. GA4 or Site Analytics: Integrates Google Analytics or similar analytics tools.
14. Top Referrers: Identifies top sources of website traffic.
15. Graph Product: Visual representation of product performance.
16. Graph Sellers: Visual representation of seller performance.
17. Graph Sale History - Monthly: Monthly sales trends graph.
18. Latest Search Terms: Logs the latest search terms used on the website.
19. Latest Orders - Last 10: Displays the most recent orders.
20. Goal Completion: Tracks progress towards business goals.
21. Recently Added Products - List: Highlights recently added products.
22. Appealed Disputed List: Manages disputed or appealed orders.
23. Total Subscribers - Card: Tracks the total number of newsletter subscribers.
24. Active Customers - Card: Displays active customer data.
25. Recent Reviews: Shows recently submitted product reviews.
26. On/OFF Options: Provides control over various features and settings.
27. Role Permission: Manages user roles and permissions.

**Frontend CMS Modules:**
1. Home Page: Customizes the appearance and content of the homepage.
2. Features: Manages feature listings and descriptions.
3. Merchant Content: Handles content related to sellers/merchants.
4. Return Exchange: Manages return and exchange policies.
5. Contact Content: Customizes contact information and forms.
6. Dynamic Pages: Creates and manages dynamic content pages.
7. Subscribe Content: Handles newsletter subscription content.
8. About Us: Manages information about the company.
9. Related Sale Setting: Sets up related product recommendations.
10. Footer Settings: Customizes the footer section of the website.
11. Appearance: Manages the overall appearance, including color schemes.
12. Menus: Customizes website menus for navigation.
13. Header: Customizes the header section of the website.
14. Dashboard Setup: Configures the admin dashboard layout.
15. Dashboard Color: Customizes the color scheme of the dashboard.
16. Blog: Manages blog posts, categories, and tags.
17. Customer Management: Handles customer-related operations.
18. Seller Management: Manages seller-related operations.
19. Commission Setup: Sets up commission rates for sellers.
20. Price Plan: Configures pricing plans for services.
21. Subscription Payment: Manages subscription-based payments.
22. Auto Approve Seller Configuration: Sets automatic approval for sellers.
23. Theme Management: Manages website themes and templates.
24. Contact Request: Manages incoming contact requests.
25. Marketing: Handles marketing-related tasks such as promotions.
26. Flash Deal List: Manages flash sale deals.
27. Create Coupon: Generates discount coupons.
28. New User Zone List: Manages special offers for new users.
29. Newsletter List: Manages newsletter subscriptions and content.
30. Subscriber List: Manages subscribers to various services.
31. Referral Code List: Tracks referral codes and their usage.
32. Gift Card List: Manages gift card sales and redemptions.
33. Product Management: Handles product-related operations.
34. Order Management: Manages customer orders and transactions.
35. Payment Management: Handles payment processing.
36. Review Management: Manages product and seller reviews.
37. System Settings: Configures general system settings.
38. Email Settings: Manages email notification settings.
39. SMS Settings: Configures SMS notification settings.
40. Analytics Tools: Integrates analytics tools for data analysis.
41. Activation: Activates various system features and modules.
42. Social Login Configuration: Configures social media login options.
43. Maintenance Mode Setting: Enables maintenance mode when needed.
44. Module Management: Manages installed modules and extensions.
45. Payment Gateway Setup: Configures payment gateway options.
46. Language Setup: Sets up language preferences.
47. Currency Setup: Configures currency options.
48. Location Setup: Manages geographical location settings.
49. Shipping Method: Configures shipping options and methods.
50. Tax/VAT Setup: Sets up tax and VAT configurations.

Payment Gateway

  • 1. Khalti
  • 2. Imepay
  • 3. Paypal
  • 4. Razorpay
  • 5. PayTM
  • 6. Instamozo
  • 7. MidTrans
  • 8. PayUMoney
  • 9. JazzCash
  • 10. Google Pay
  • 11. FlutterWave
  • 12. Bank Payment
  • 13. COD

Security Features

  • JWT Authentication
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Protection
  • SQL Injection Protection
  • CSRF Protection
  • Secure Encrypt Password Hashing

Step By Step Process To Start Working With Us : 

    1.First of all we need to understand your full requirements. To Tell us your requirement, you can simply contact us using live chat option/WhatsApp: +977-9814581248 or Contact details which are given below.

   2.After understanding your requirement, we will give you an quotation within 24 hours where we will tell you if your requirement need some extra customization & how we can work together. 

   3.After confirmation from your side, we will book domain name, hosting and do agreement (if needed) to start your work. To start your work, we need some advanced amount from your side, which is 40% of total price. If you already have domain & hosting then you will get 20$ Discount of total price.

  4.After advanced payment is received we will confirm you about it and will start your work,

  5.After that, you need to provide us your company name, what kind of product/category you sell,brand name, logo,Contact Details,about your company, Your payment information where customer will pay you to buy your product,charges, each and every detail that you want to display in your website which we will ask you.

 6.After then you can just relax. We will do all the rest things that you needed.

 7.We will provide you an working Multi Vendor Ecommerce Website With App within 7 days of advanced payment received.

 8.If you are located in Kathmandu, Nepal, we will meet and show you about how to use admin panel to control your website. If you are outside from Nepal or Kathmandu Valley, We can do virtual meeting where we will give you full training about how to use your admin panel. Also we will provide you an free User Manual. Soon, we are opening our contact office in Mumbai(India) & Dubai(UAE).

 9.We will give you 7 days to test each and everything in your website. If any bugs are found, you can inform us and we will solve that as soon as possible.

10. After your approval, you can pay us your remaining 60% amount and we will handover you an complete project with source code.

11. If you got stucked anywhere, just inform us. We will immediately help you to solve any kind of problems.

12.That's it. Welcome to Digital World.

Website Demo: 

Frontend Website:

Admin Panel Login

Username: [email protected]

Password: admin123

Seller Panel Login:

Username: [email protected]

Password: Multivendor123@

Customer Login

Username: [email protected]

Password: Multivendor123@

Mobile App Demo: 

Customer App Download Link:

Username: [email protected]

Password: Multivendor123@

Seller App Download Link :

Username: [email protected]

Password: Multivendor123@

Delivery App Download Link

Username: [email protected]

Password: Multivendor123@

Payment Terms:

Total Cost: Rs.30,000 / USD 250 / INR 20,000

Discounted Price For This Month : Rs.25,000 / USD 220 / INR 16,000

Pricing Plan For This Month:

- Rs. 15,000 For Website Only

- Rs.5,000 Extra For User Android Mobile App Also.(If Needed)*Optional

- Rs.5,000 Extra For Seller Android Mobile App Also.(If Needed)*Optional

- Rs.5,000 Extra For Delivery Person Android Mobile App Also.(If Needed)*Optional

- Rs. 5,000 For Adding Any Payment Gateway. (If Needed)*Optional

- Rs. 5,000 For Adding Any SMS Gateway. (If Needed)*Optional

- Rs. 50,000 Per App For IOS App Also.(If Needed)*Optional

- Design Changes: Rs. 10,000. (If Needed)*Optional

Time To Complete: 7 - 10 Days

Advanced Payment: 40% ( After Agreement is done and before starting work).

Note: Above amount is exclusive of VAT. If you need VAT Bill, 13% Extra Charge will be added.

Payment Method: 

For Nepal: Bank Deposit/ Khalti/E-sewa/Cheque/IME. 

For India: Binance/ Western Union / Paypal/ Paytm / Phonepe/ Bank Deposit.

For Other Countries: Any Payment gateway that is available.

(Note: If you are in doubt about payment fraud which is done by many people's over internet, we will send you our personal & company official registration certificate.)

Contact Details:


E-Mail: [email protected]

WhatsApp: +977-9814581248

Facebook Page:

Contact Number: +9779814581248 / +9779868296823

Company Registration Number: 265747/078/079

VAT No: 610034163

Address: New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal. Soon, we are opening our contact office in Mumbai(India) & Dubai(UAE).

Take your ecommerce business to new heights with KC Tech Private Limited's Advanced Ecommerce Website & App Package. Contact us today to learn more and get started on your journey to ecommerce success!

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