Advanced Multi Restaurant Food Delivery App

Are you ready to revolutionize your food delivery business? Look no further than our Advanced Multi Restaurant Food Ordering Website With Android + iOS App package, designed to elevate your online presence and ensure that your app stands out in the competitive market.

With our comprehensive package, you'll receive all the tools and details needed to launch and manage a successful multi-restaurant online food delivery platform similar to Swiggy, Zomato, or Foodmandy. This includes a feature-rich website built using PHP Laravel, Android and iOS apps developed with Flutter technology, and seamless integration with popular platforms like Swiggy, Zomato, and others.

**Package Includes:**

1. **Free Domain and Hosting:** Get a free domain for your company for one year along with unlimited storage web hosting for seamless performance.

2. **PHP Laravel Website:** Your ecommerce website will be built using PHP Laravel, ensuring robustness, scalability, and security.

3. **Flutter App Development:** We provide Android apps for customers, vendors, and delivery personnel, all built using Flutter technology. If you require an iOS app, an additional fee for the iOS Developer Account applies.

4. **Google Play Store Upload:** We upload your Android app to the Google Play Store using our developer account. If you prefer to use your own developer account, an extra fee is applicable.

5. **User Manual & Training:** Receive a free user manual and training to help you navigate and manage your Online Food Delivery platform effectively.

6. **Free SEO:** Benefit from free search engine optimization (SEO) to improve your website's visibility and attract more organic traffic.

7. **Free Logo Design:** If required, we offer free logo designing services to enhance your brand identity and recognition.

8. **24/7 Live Support:** Our dedicated support team is available round-the-clock to assist you with any queries, issues, or updates you may have.

9. **100% Uptime Guarantee:** We ensure 100% uptime for your website, providing a reliable and consistent online food ordering experience for your customers.

10. **Unlimited Storage, Web-Mail, Bandwidth:** Enjoy unlimited storage, web-mail, and bandwidth to accommodate your growing business needs without any limitations.

11. **Readymade Platform:** Benefit from a ready-to-launch Food Delivery platform that saves you time and effort in development.

**Package Excludes:**

1. **Design & Feature Customization:** While our package offers a readymade platform, customization of design and features is excluded.

2. **Product & Category Upload:** You'll be responsible for uploading your products and categories to the website.


Admin Features:

  • Admin can see the Total Banners , Total Category , Total Restaurant , Total Delivery Boy , Total Coupons , Total Faq’s , Total New Order , Total Completed Order , Total Cancelled Order , Total Active Payment Gateway , Total Sales , Your Total Earning(Restaurant) , Your Total Earning(Delivery Boy) , Total Vendor Payout , Total Delivery Boy Payout , Total Users , Total Pages
  • Admin can create unlimited banners
  • Admin can create unlimited restaurant category with image
  • Admin can add unlimited restaurant with all mention details
  • Admin can create unlimited delivery Boy
  • Admin can create unlimited country Code
  • Admin can create unlimited coupon Code with multi restaurant assign
  • Admin can create unlimited pages like Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Contact Us etc
  • Admin can create unlimited faq’s
  • Admin can check New Order List, Cancelled Order List & Completed Order List where order can accept or reject and Assign to delivery boy with print
  • Admin can check Customer Information & Details
  • Admin can manage edit or change the status or payment method dynamically
  • Admin can manage Restaurant Payout List
  • Admin can check Restaurant Wise Earning Report
  • Admin can check Delivery Boy Wise Earning Report
  • Admin can change Setting for Payment Method: Cash on Delivery (COD), PayPal, Razorpay, Stripe, PayStack, FlutterWave, Paytm, SenangPay
  • Admin can change Setting for Customer & Delivery boy Notification OneSignal API and Firebase OTP verification API
  • Admin can change Setting for the username and password for admin panel
  • Admin can change Setting for currency($,₹,€,£,¥ etc)
  • Admin can change Setting for Time zone
  • Admin can change Setting for Signup Credit & Refer Credit
  • Admin can change Setting for logo, favicon, website title for admin panel
  • Admin can change Setting for Wallet Name
  • Admin can change Setting for Minimum Payout for Store & Delivery Boy
  • Admin can change Setting for Development Mode
  • Admin can change Setting for Tax Information Enable or Disable
  • Admin can change Setting for Delivery Boy Tip Information Enable or Disable and Tip amount add option
  • Admin can change Setting for
  • Fast, Optimized and Powerful admin
  • Beautiful UI
  • High Quality
  • Easy configuration
  • More coming soon…

       Restaurant Features:

  • Restaurant can check the Overall Rating , Make A Restaurant Open Or Close ? , Total Category , Total Menu Item , Total Add On Item , Total Add On Category , Total New Order , Total Completed Order , Total Cancelled Order , Total Sales
  • Restaurant can create menu Category
  • Restaurant can create menu item with Menu Item Name, Menu Item Image, Menu Item Status, Price, Is Veg?, Is Customize?, Is Egg?, Item Description
  • Restaurant can create addon category with Add On Category Name, Add On Category Type(Single/Multiple), Add On Main Type(Quantity, Other), Add On Limit, Add On Required?, Add On Category Status
  • Restaurant can create addon item with Add On Category, Add On Item Name, Add On Price, Add On Item Status
  • Restaurant can check New Order List, Cancelled Order List & Completed Order List where order can accept or reject
  • Restaurant can check Earning Report
  • Restaurant can check Payout Request & Payout List

  Customer App Features:

  • Easy to Sign up & Sign in with Mobile Number Verification
  • Sign in with Mobile number
  • App Home screen list of Nearby Restaurant
  • Product Details with Images and Product Description
  • Product with customizable option
  • Easy to Add to cart and Orders
  • User friendly Payment Gateway (Cash on Delivery (COD),Esewa, Khalti, PayPal, Razorpay, Stripe, PayStack, FlutterWave, Paytm, SenangPay)
  • User can add / update / delete Multiple Address
  • User can provide delivery boy tips and Apply coupons code
  • User can placed the order then they can cancel the order with in 30 second.
  • User can track the delivery boy path
  • User can rate the Restaurant order and Delivery boy service
  • User can do favorites Restaurant
  • User can check all related Restaurant offers
  • User can update profile anytime
  • User can check all order details info
  • User can Use Coupons code
  • User can Use Wallet or Refill Wallet Balance
  • User can Refer & Earn to other Users
  • User can check all dynamic pages like Privacy Policy, About us, Contact us, Terms & Condition page
  • User can change the Forget Password with Mobile OTP verification
  • User received notification once the order Received, Accepted, Process, On-route & Delivered
  • Easy and Understand Design

   Restaurant Owner App Features:

  • Restaurant Owner login with Email
  • Restaurant Owner check all statics information like Total Category , Total Menu Item , Total Add On Item , Total Add On Category , Total New Order , Total Completed Order , Total Cancelled Order , Total Sales, Overall Rating etc
  • Restaurant Owner check all the New order / cancel order / Completed order list and details
  • Restaurant Owner check all product and status
  • Restaurant Owner take decision and accept or reject the order
  • Restaurant Owner contact the delivery boy with mobile number dial-up
  • Restaurant Owner check all the notification
  • Restaurant Owner check the profile details anytime
  • Restaurant Owner change status with active or inactive
  • Restaurant Owner received notification once the new orders placed by customer
  • Restaurant Owner accept/delivered the new order user get notification
  • User friendly and Unique UI

    Delivery Boy Features

  • Delivery boy can login with Email
  • Delivery boy can check all the Normal Pending order / Running order / Completed order list and details
  • Delivery boy can Track the path for Restaurant & User
  • Delivery boy can accept or reject the order
  • Delivery boy can contact the order person with mobile number dial-up
  • Delivery boy can check all the notification
  • Delivery boy can check profile and update the details anytime
  • Delivery boy can change status with active or inactive
  • Delivery boy can check the Total Delivered, Gross sales, Reject order, Order received, Tips, Cash amount
  • Delivery boy received notification once the admin assign the new orders
  • Delivery boy accept/delivered the order user get notification
  • User friendly and Unique UI

Payment Gateway

  • 1. Khalti
  • 2. Imepay
  • 3. Paypal
  • 4. Razorpay
  • 5. PayTM
  • 6. Instamozo
  • 7. MidTrans
  • 8. PayUMoney
  • 9. JazzCash
  • 10. Google Pay
  • 11. FlutterWave
  • 12. Bank Payment
  • 13. COD

Security Features

  • JWT Authentication
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Protection
  • SQL Injection Protection
  • CSRF Protection
  • Secure Encrypt Password Hashing

Step By Step Process To Start Working With Us : 

    1.First of all we need to understand your full requirements. To Tell us your requirement, you can simply contact us using live chat option/WhatsApp: +977-9814581248 or Contact details which are given below.

   2.After understanding your requirement, we will give you an quotation within 24 hours where we will tell you if your requirement need some extra customization & how we can work together. 

   3.After confirmation from your side, we will book domain name, hosting and do agreement (if needed) to start your work. To start your work, we need some advanced amount from your side, which is 40% of total price. If you already have domain & hosting then you will get 20$ Discount of total price.

  4.After advanced payment is received we will confirm you about it and will start your work,

  5.After that, you need to provide us your company name, what kind of Food/Cuisine you sell,brand name, logo,Contact Details,about your company, Your payment information where customer will pay you to buy food,Your charges. each and every detail that you want to display in your app which we will ask you.

 6.After then you can just relax. We will do all the rest things that you needed.

 7.We will provide you an working Multi Restaurant Food Delivery App With Website within 7 days of advanced payment received.

 8.If you are located in Kathmandu, Nepal, we will meet and show you about how to use admin panel to control your website. If you are outside from Nepal or Kathmandu Valley, We can do virtual meeting where we will give you full training about how to use your admin panel. Also we will provide you an free User Manual. Soon, we are opening our contact office in Mumbai(India) & Dubai(UAE).

 9.We will give you 7 days to test each and everything in your website. If any bugs are found, you can inform us and we will solve that as soon as possible.

10. After your approval, you can pay us your remaining 60% amount and we will handover you an complete project with source code.

11. If you got stucked anywhere, just inform us. We will immediately help you to solve any kind of problems.

12.That's it. Welcome to Digital World.


Frontend Website:

Admin Login :

Username: [email protected]

Password: admin123


Restaurant Login :

Username: [email protected]

Password: Multirestaurant123@

App Demo: 

Customer Mobile App :

Restaurant Mobile App :

Delivery Person Mobile App :

Demo Login Credentials For Mobile App

For Customer:

Email Address: [email protected]

Password: customer123


For Restaurant:

Email Address: [email protected]

Password: Multirestaurant123@


For Delivery App:

Email Address: [email protected]

Password: Multirestaurant123@

Payment Terms:

Total Cost: Rs.40,000 / USD 320 / INR 25,000

Discounted Price For This Month : Rs.30,000 / USD 250 / INR 20,000

Pricing Plan For This Month:

- Rs. 20,000 For Web App,Admin Panel & User Android App

- Rs.5,000 Extra For Restaurant Owner Android Mobile App Also.(If Needed)*Optional

- Rs.5,000 Extra For Delivery Person Android Mobile App Also.(If Needed)*Optional

- Rs. 10,000 For Adding Any Payment Gateway. (If Needed)*Optional

- Rs. 5,000 For Adding Any SMS Gateway. (If Needed)*Optional

- Rs. 50,000 Per App For IOS App Also.(If Needed)*Optional

- Design Changes: Rs. 10,000. (If Needed)*Optional

Time To Complete: 7 - 10 Days

Advanced Payment: 40% ( After Agreement is done and before starting work).

Note: Above amount is exclusive of VAT. If you need VAT Bill, 13% Extra Charge will be added.

Payment Method: 

For Nepal: Bank Deposit/ Khalti/E-sewa/Bank Deposit/IME. 

For India: Binance/ Western Union / Paypal/ Paytm / Phonepe/ Bank Deposit.

For Other Countries: Any Payment gateway that is available.

(Note: If you are in doubt about payment fraud which is done by many people's over internet, we will send you our personal & company official registration certificate.)

Contact Details:


E-Mail: [email protected]

WhatsApp: +977-9814581248

Facebook Page:

Contact Number: +9779814581248 / +9779868296823

Company Registration Number: 265747/078/079

VAT No: 610034163

Address: New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal. Soon, we are opening our contact office in Mumbai(India) & Dubai(UAE).

  Don't let your food delivery app go unnoticed – unlock the full potential of your business with our comprehensive package. Contact us today for more information and take your food delivery business to new heights!

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