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KC Tech presents a state-of-the-art OTT (Over-The-Top) platform development service, akin to Netflix, tailored for users in Nepal, India, and the UAE. Our comprehensive solution is designed to transform your vision of a streaming platform into a reality, offering a seamless and engaging entertainment experience. Here's a detailed description of our services:

1. **Customized OTT Platform Development:**
   We specialize in crafting customized OTT platforms that cater to the unique content preferences and cultural diversity of users in Nepal, India, and the UAE. Whether you're focusing on movies, TV shows, documentaries, or a mix of genres, our experienced team will bring your vision to life.

2. **Advanced Streaming Technology:**
   Our platform integrates cutting-edge streaming technology to deliver high-quality video content with smooth playback and minimal buffering. Users can enjoy seamless streaming across various devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and desktops.

3. **User-Friendly Interface:**
   We prioritize user experience, designing intuitive interfaces that make navigation effortless. Users can easily browse through content libraries, search for their favorite titles, create watchlists, and personalize their viewing experience.

4. **Content Management System (CMS):**
   Our robust CMS empowers you to manage and organize your content effectively. From uploading new releases to scheduling content updates and categorizing titles, you have full control over your platform's content library.

5. **Personalization and Recommendations:**
   Enhance user engagement with personalized recommendations based on viewing history, preferences, and user behavior. Implement features like watch history, continue watching, and curated playlists to keep users hooked.

6. **Monetization Options:**
   Generate revenue with flexible monetization options such as subscription plans, pay-per-view, ad-supported content, or a combination of models. Our platform seamlessly integrates payment gateways and advertising solutions to maximize revenue streams.

7. **Multi-Language and Multi-Subtitles Support:**
   Cater to a diverse audience by offering content in multiple languages and providing subtitles in various languages. Localization features ensure that users can enjoy content in their preferred language, enhancing accessibility and engagement.

8. **Analytics and Insights:**
   Gain valuable insights into user behavior, content performance, engagement metrics, and revenue trends with advanced analytics tools. Data-driven insights help optimize content strategies, marketing efforts, and user acquisition campaigns.

9. **Scalability and Security:**
   Our scalable architecture ensures that your OTT platform can handle growing user traffic and content libraries. We implement robust security measures, including DRM (Digital Rights Management), user authentication, and content protection, to safeguard against piracy and unauthorized access.

10. **Customer Support and Maintenance:**
    Benefit from ongoing support, maintenance, and updates to ensure your OTT platform runs smoothly. Our dedicated team is available to address technical issues, implement new features, and provide timely assistance to users.

Package Includes:

1) Free Available Domain For Your Company For 1 Year. 

2) Free Unlimited Storage Hosting For 1 Year.

3) Website Made In PHP Codeigniter & App Made Using Native/Java

4) Free User Manual & Training Given.

5) Renew Charge: Rs. 4,000 / USD. 35 / INR.2500 Per Year

6) Free SEO.

7) Free Logo Designing(If Required)

8) 24/7 Live Support. 100% Uptime Guarantee

9) Unlimited Storage/Web-Mail/Bandwidth.

Package Excludes:

1) Design & Feature Customization.

2) Content Writing / Upload.

3) AWS.Where Video will be uploaded.


1. **User Registration and Profiles:**
   - Secure user registration and profile creation.
   - Personalized user profiles with preferences, watch history, and recommendations.

2. **Content Management:**
   - Upload and categorize movies, TV shows, documentaries, and other content.
   - Content scheduling for releases and updates.

3. **Advanced Streaming Technology:**
   - High-quality video streaming with adaptive bitrate technology for smooth playback.
   - Support for HD, Full HD, and 4K video resolutions.

4. **User Interface (UI) and Experience (UX):**
   - Intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy navigation.
   - Personalized recommendations and content discovery features.

5. **Multi-Language Support:**
   - Content available in multiple languages to cater to diverse audiences.
   - Subtitle options for various languages.

6. **Monetization Options:**
   - Subscription-based models with different plans (monthly, yearly, etc.).
   - Pay-per-view or rental options for specific content.
   - Ad-supported free content with targeted advertising.

7. **Search and Filters:**
   - Advanced search functionality with filters for genres, languages, release year, etc.
   - Customizable search options for users to find content easily.

8. **Watchlist and History:**
   - Ability for users to create watchlists and add favorite titles.
   - Continue watching feature to resume content from where the user left off.

9. **Offline Download:**
   - Download content for offline viewing on mobile devices.
   - Limited time period for offline access based on subscription plan.

10. **Social Integration:**
    - Social media sharing options for users to share their favorite content.
    - Integration with social platforms for login and recommendations.

11. **Analytics and Reporting:**
    - Analytics dashboard for monitoring user engagement, content performance, and revenue.
    - Reporting tools for content managers and administrators.

12. **Security and DRM:**
    - Digital Rights Management (DRM) to protect content from piracy.
    - Secure user authentication and access control measures.

13. **Customer Support:**
    - Helpdesk or support center for user queries and technical issues.
    - FAQs, guides, and tutorials for self-help.

14. **Push Notifications:**
    - Real-time notifications for new content releases, personalized recommendations, and account updates.

15. **Multi-Device Compatibility:**
    - Responsive design for website and mobile apps (iOS and Android).
    - Compatibility with smart TVs, streaming devices, and gaming consoles.

16. **Localization:**
    - Regional content recommendations and promotions.
    - Localization of UI elements and content metadata.

What You Will Get?

  1. Dynamic Frontend CMS Website
  2. Full Control Admin Panel
  3. 1 Year Unlimited Web-Hosting + Domain
  4. Free User Manual & On Site Training To Staff
  5. Developed Using PHP Laravel Framework
  6. User App Developed Using Native/Java

  Step By Step Process To Start Working With Us : 

    1.First of all we need to understand your full requirements. To Tell us your requirement, you can simply contact us using live chat option/WhatsApp: +977-9814581248 or Contact details which are given below.

   2.After understanding your requirement, we will give you an quotation within 24 hours where we will tell you if your requirement need some extra customization & how we can work together. 

   3.After confirmation from your side, we will book domain name, hosting and do agreement (if needed) to start your work. To start your work, we need some advanced amount from your side, which is 40% of total price. If you already have domain & hosting then you will get 20$ Discount of total price.

  4.After advanced payment is received we will confirm you about it and will start your work,

  5.After that, you need to provide us your company name, what kind of movie/content you provide,brand name, logo,Contact Details,about your company,charges,each and every detail that you want to display in your website/app which we will ask you.

 6.After then you can just relax. We will do all the rest things that you needed.

 7.We will provide you an working Netflix Like OTT Platform within 14 days of advanced payment received.

 8.If you are located in Kathmandu, Nepal, we will meet and show you about how to use admin panel to control your website. If you are outside from Nepal or Kathmandu Valley, We can do virtual meeting where we will give you full training about how to use your admin panel. Also we will provide you an free User Manual. Soon, we are opening our contact office in Mumbai(India) & Dubai(UAE).

 9.We will give you 7 days to test each and everything in your website. If any bugs are found, you can inform us and we will solve that as soon as possible.

10. After your approval, you can pay us your remaining 60% amount and we will handover you an complete project with source code.

11. If you got stucked anywhere, just inform us. We will immediately help you to solve any kind of problems.

12.That's it. Welcome to Digital World.



Admin Panel:

Username: [email protected]

Password: admin123

Mobile App Demo:

Payment Terms:

Total Cost:  Rs 75,000/ USD 600/ INR 45,000

Discounted Price For This Month: Rs 50,000/ USD 400/ INR 30,000

Advanced Payment: 40% ( After Agreement is done and before starting work).

Remaining Payment : 60%( Within 7 days of work completion).

Note: Above amount is exclusive of VAT. If you need VAT Bill, 13% Extra Charge will be added.

Payment Method: 

For Nepal: Bank Deposit/ Khalti/E-sewa/Cheque/IME. 

For India: Binance/ Western Union / Paypal/ Paytm / Phonepe/ Bank Deposit.

For Other Countries: Any Payment gateway that is available.

(Note: If you are in doubt about payment fraud which is done by many people's over internet, we will send you our personal & company official registration certificate.)

Contact Details:


E-Mail: [email protected]

WhatsApp: +977-9814581248

Facebook Page:

Contact Number: +9779814581248 / +9779868296823

Company Registration Number: 265747/078/079

VAT No: 610034163

Address: New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal. Soon, we are opening our contact office in Mumbai(India) & Dubai(UAE).

At KC Tech, we are committed to delivering a world-class OTT platform development service that combines innovation, reliability, and user-centric design. Partner with us to launch a successful streaming platform that captivates audiences in Nepal, India, and the UAE, offering a diverse and engaging entertainment experience.

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